Only country representatives are allowed to buy voucher codes directly on our platform. All other users must buy voucher codes from their country reps. As a country representative, you get a commission for every voucher code you sell. The commission earned depends on various factors such as location and number of users in your country.

For example, if you sell a 100 USD voucher, the user will receive 100 USD. Our system will then instantly send a voucher code into your country agent account. You will also get a discount of 15%, for example, when buying the voucher. Hence we will only charge you 85 USD from your purchase balance. You will get a profit of 15 USD for every 100 USD worth of vouchers you sell as a country agent.


A voucher code can be used only once.

When the agent sends the voucher code to the user, the funds are instantly added to the recipient's purchase balance and he/she can start using them.

All country agents must maintain a minimum of 200 USD in their purchase balance at all times to enable quick processing of customer orders from their countries.